the manufacturer

The Cotton

Underdoodles are manufactured using the softest combed certified organic yarns, the highest standards of sewing construction for the longest wearability; and most importantly the best fit.

Every meter of fabric is checked with a light box to ensure optimal quality by both the spinner as well as once it reaches the sewing team. Only machines of high quality have been selected for dying, sewing, washing and construction. Each garment is washed to prevent shrinkage.

Commitment to Environment

Underdoodles are manufactured in India using certified organic cotton, grown using sustainable farming practices that maintain and replenish soil fertility without the use of toxic and persistent pesticides and fertilizers. It is free of toxins used in conventional cotton processing that can later transfer to your skin, the air, soil and water completing a full cycle of pollution. Its organic methods help maintain the health and well being of farm and factory workers by creating a chemical free environment.

The manufacturer manages all stages of manufacturing – from the fabric mills, to the cut & sewing facilities to packaging. This ensures all partners are participating in a responsible manufacturing process.

Commitment to Ethics

Underdoodles are manufactured by a Fair Labour business which means they pay the factories reasonable prices for productions to enable fair wages and a safe and clean working environment.  They believe it is of their highest priority to provide our workers with a safe working environment which practices excellent workplace standards and complies with all government health, safety, and labor regulations.  They  are committed to producing only the highest quality garments, and hold themselves to maintaining the highest ethical and conscientious standards for their workers and factory conditions.

Underdoodles are manufactured in beautiful India because of her spirit, her people and her fabrics!  By engaging in conscious and ethical importing we can create healthy global exchanges that are both sustainable and beneficial.  The manufacturer has been working with the same families and individual craftspeople in India for several years.  The tailors take pride in their amazing work, and it is that energy that radiates from this product!


Underdoodles cotton is certified according to Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS). It is the most widely recognized international standards covering all aspects of textile processing and environmentally-socially responsible manufacturing.

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